Friday, August 13, 2010

Ok, so it's been a long time, no blog. I promise, i have missed you all out there in the blogosphere, but i've been cheating on you with the unfortunate happenings of real life. Here's the lowdown on the last month or so...

* I have immense piles of uni work to do that are just not getting any smaller. Terrifying. 
* There are photo albums next to my bed waiting to rearrange, and magazines on the other side waiting to be read
* I need more storage in my room; arguing about this led to the confirmation of my belief that although my parents love me, they do not like me
* Work has been crazy, with various differences of opinion leading to those conferences where people are on their best behaviour
* We have a new office manager; she's awesome
* We lost two staff at the deli and are short handed... unfortunate, because i actually have to work all of the shifts that i'm rostered on for
* I'm scarily close to the end of my degree (ok, so still 2yrs to go, but still) and have no idea what to do next
* I've got a new job prospect for the summer that's quite exciting (fingers crossed it comes through) - so i won't have to work overtime at the deli!
* I've developed some addictions to trashy tv... think Ghost Whisperer, Medium, Will & Grace... and a million other things
* Overall, i live a fairly boring life! Deary me...

Ok, so now you've caught up on all of the nothing that's happened since i was last here. With everything going on at home and work i couldn't bring myself to blog too (especially seeing as there's been a re-run of the episode 'people don't like confrontation or my blog'). Bloggie even went private for awhile, but that made me sad, so i came back. And created a new blog, for being sensible. And hopefully the misconception that i am evil will dissapate.

Ok, i'm so stressed that i'm fluttering and am wound so tightly that i am slightly dizzy - hence the crazy tone to the blog. Me swear me no crazy.