Saturday, June 16, 2007


Code: Black

Everyone knows that girls always have secret codes between them, for safety nets.

There's the 'emergency' phone call from a friend that can get you out of an awkward date if necessary. You know the types - it's been three hours, he's still going on about the size of his goldfish and all you can think about is whether the clock has stopped or not. It's like time is standing still. The 'emergency' call comes and you've got the perfect excuse to make a speedy escape.

Then there's the old ear-tug; you're talking to someone that is drier than toast and you're mentally trying to figure out how many jellybeans there are in the cupboard at home, so that you can veg out when you get home and laugh at how terrible this conversation was. Then, thankfully, you catch your friends eye, subtly tug on your ear (or scratch your nose, whatever) and she sidles up, requesting your company on the inevitable girls trip to the bathroom.

However, some situations, the ear tug or the emergency call just won't cut it. In these situations, what can a girl do but create her own 'secret' code. Which is exactly what Noodle and i had to do last year. You see, it became apparent that i - and, to a lesser extent, her - attracted interuptions. As in, there's a perfect moment and then someone comes along to interrupt it. We decided that this was happening so often )after the formal, at certain bubble's house parties, before we left to farewell people at airports, in bathrooms at parties...) that we had to find a way to get around it. Enter 'aardvark'. The deal is, if you're in a situation that you don't want interrupted, you just throw the word 'aardvark' into conversation. Yes, it can be somewhat tricky to do, but whatever. It works. Trust me, nobody will ever get it confused - 'aardvark' really doesn't come up all that often. Failing the opportunity for conversation, just hold up the star trek sign behind your back (you know, thumb and first two fingers together, little finger and the one next to it together).

Girls, have i forgotten any? If i have, and i miss you signalling for help in a boring or awkward situation, i aoplogise :P

Ah, the secret world of girls. It's a rough world out there - we've got to have some way to survive!


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