Saturday, July 31, 2010

Uni went back last monday. Already, i'm over a week behind. You see, i did five exams during exam week, and got results for five of my topics (P, P, P, C. D in case anyone was interested). Then there was my evil intensives topic. The whole class (of 200) failed the first one, then most of us failed the resubmission, and then we had to have an interview with her to discuss everything that we did wrong and prove that we weren't idiots. My interview was this week. I didn't find out about it until monday, and spent most of the week preparing for it. So any chance to spend the week studying and getting on top of study was lost. 

I passed the intensive. 

But now i'm behind. And this weekend is a writeoff because of a million reasons. So, im going to spend the whole term playing catch up. Such fun...