Saturday, July 10, 2010


There aren't many ways to test human survival without the aid of a plane crash, natural disaster or end-of-the-world situation. Kids Club, however, is an excellent test. 

With only five or six adults, and a team of unreliable but lovely teenagers, looking after fifty kids a day is a zoo. Each day begins before 8am and is unlikely to end before 6pm. That in itself is a test of endurance. But it's more than that; your voice gets sore from yelling, your mouth gets sore from smiling and pretending to be cheerful for the kiddies when you just want to curl up and sleep, your brain hurts from trying to watch six rooms and once and ensure that every leader is where they are supposed to be and where doing what they are supposed to do (and, in the case of the zoo yesterday, make sure they're not bulldozing over other, non-kids club people!). It's a marathon. 

As of around 7pm last night, KC July '10 was over. WOO!! We all survived. Some in better health than others. I have heaps to do at work before all the loose ends are wrapped up and i can get to work on the next program, but i have a week off next week and am going away so i don't have to worry about it for a teeny while. Hurrah!!

Despite all of the stress, it was a great week. Most things went off without a hitch (you can't expect a 10% success rate when working with kids!) and both the kids and parents had an amazing time; we got heaps of positive feedback. And even though some kid nicked off with my giraffe painting, i did score some fluffy tiger ears from Monarto yesterday. Yay!