Monday, June 14, 2010

Youth Retreat

Despite reservations, on saturday evening i headed to Aldinga to join the older youth on their weekend retreat. I've not been having the best time of it recently, in part due to exams, and to the fact that work is making my life hell - apparently, i shouldn't be taking time to study... so i've been hardly sleeping, and hardly interacting with the outside world. I wasn't quite sure how the camp would go. Sometimes i get along with people, sometimes i don't. Sometimes i fight like hell with Mark, sometimes annoying people drive me a little crazy, sometimes the tiniest things that people say will devastate me, sometimes the very presence of other people is too much. Surprisingly, i had a good time. 

I got to hang out with some nice people, play boardgames (i love boardgames), and hang out with people - i never hang out with people. We stayed up until a million o'clock, watching the soccer. Granted, the kids shouldn't've been wandering the streets at 2am. And i should try harder not to be mean to mark... but on the whole, it was a good 24hrs and i was happy for a little while. 

By the time we got back into the city, i was no longer smiley. Too many people that are irrationally mad at me, too many people to disappoint, too many people to talk to and smile and at pretend to be someone else around. I got to sing... but music team is always slightly stressful, because nobody really has enough musical knowledge to lead the entire team; everyone knows lots about their particular instrument, but it's so much harder to pull it all together. It makes it a little harder And then the sermon was confusing because i missed it last week and wasn't sure exactly what point we were looking for. Afterwards, i just couldn't stay. Poor boyfriend must hate me for being so miserable... but if i didn't have him, i don't know where i'd be. 

My point? youth camp was fun. 

Oh, and i survived the finale of Grey's Anatomy, just in case any of you were wondering. Thankfully, the directors and writers decided they didn't hate their viewers as much as i thought they might - they spared us some torture. Phew!