Monday, June 21, 2010

Jeremy Clarkson

I was watching Top Gear this evening. Jeremy Clarkson is so happy with his job. He clearly loves his family and his work and his cars and his life. I want to be like him. Done. 

In other news, I ran into someone who used to go to church on the weekend. They used to come a few years ago, and last year they came back. They have since disappeared again. I didn't want to have to suffer though the polite conversation, so i avoided eye contact. But it was too late. He saw me. 
"Hi... Sarah, isn't it?"
Gee, thanks. You've known me for years. I know your sister. You haven't seen the only other Sarah that ever went to church in about four years. And Sarah isn't even close to Annabel. It's good to know i'm completely immemorable.