Saturday, May 22, 2010

I am currently crying like you wouldn't believe. 

It's that time of the year. The time when all the TV shows that i watch decide that the best way to leave their programs at the end of rating season is by either killing off as many people as possible, or... actually, i'm yet to find an alternative. Ok, that's a slight exaggeration. But, in truth, it's either death or some other kind of miserable ending. 

At the moment, i have very little faith in humanity. The world is a horrible, sad place, with no metaphorical sunshine to speak of. Add this belief to the misery of end-of-season television, and i'm a mess. These poor characters are suffering under the weight of the world, are facing so many hardships, are just looking for happiness... and aren't finding it. It's so depressing and hopeless. 

Would you like an overview of this year's television? 
I'll work from least depressing, to most horrible. Just so you have some sort of scale to work with. 

Bones  -  Bones and Booth, disillusioned with their lack of purpose in life, leave each other for the next year; one going on an archeological expedition, the other returning to the army. Miserable, the pair tear themselves away from one another. 

The Mentalist -  Patrick James suffers through another round of killings by the man who murdered his wife and child. Finally coming face-to-face with the killer, he is left with nothing more than a riddle, and five dead bodies. Nobody understands the pain that he struggles with, knowing that his wife and child died because of his selfishness. 

Fringe  -  Fringe saw Olivia and Walter cross over into the alternate universe (yes, overlook the science fiction and focus on the humanity) to rescue Peter. Oliva finds him - and they finally kiss. Yay!! After a dramatic escape, they destroy William Bell to return to their world... but what Peter and Walter don't know is that alternate-Olivia took out the real Olivia at the last minute. Real Olivia is screaming for help in a blacked-out jail cell in the alternate universe, and alternate-Olivia is preparing to wreak havoc in our world. 
Private Practice  -  You know it's going to be bad when the 16yr old daughter of one of the protagonists goes into labour and is rushed to hospital... but is in a horrific car accident on the way. Possible paralysis, possibly having to let the baby die, possibly letting her die... While you're busy worrying about whether she lives, Dell (who was driving the car) gets a brain bleed and dies on the table, leaving his 7yr old daughter with no parents. Nobody was even worrying about Dell, they were too busy worrying about Maya! It was horrible.

One Tree Hill  -  We're getting to the really bad stuff now. Hayley is severely depressed after the death of her mother, but is finally starting to feel again. But who cares? Because Miranda leaves Michael and he is left alone. Because Mia left Chase... even though she wants him back. But mainly because Quinn and Clay finally managed to rid themselves of their crazy stalker (ha, fat chance) - but then, in the last seconds, she comes back and shoots them both. With gunshots that were incredibly loud and caused me to grab at Boyfriend so hard, that he was in serious pain. How can Quinn and Clay die?

Grey's Anatomy  -  Ok, so here's the worst one. Made even worse because i'm only half way through the two hour finale and i'm already a wreck. Try this on for size - Meredith is pregnant, but Derek doesn't know. Crazy gunman shows up, desperate to kill Derek because his wife died in his care. In his search for Derek, the crazy gunman kills Reid. Shoots Karev. Kills a bunch of other people. Shoots Percy... and then finds Derek. I breathed a sigh of relief when it appeared that Derek had talked his way out of death - but then that stupid little bitch of an intern ran out of his office, startling the gunman and getting Derek shot in the heart. Derek, who doesn't know his wife is pregnant. Derek, whose wife is watching from across the room. Derek, who is the heart of this show, and is finally happily married to Meredith. It was beyond heartbreaking. The only thing that has so far stopped me from falling to pieces is that there's another hour left in the double episode and i'm praying that, by some miracle, he's going to be ok. Wishful thinking, i know. 
Why do the writers feel the need to create so much misery? Do they have to little confidence in their ability to enthrall the audience without killing off half the cast? There'll be three months before i can find out how these imaginary worlds will deal with the pain. I don't know if i can cope with another season made up of misery. When TV reflects life so accurately, it fails as the escapism that it should be. I don't want to escape to a world where everyone is as sad as i already am!!

I am supposed to be doing an assignment. I have two due on monday that i haven't started. However, my disillusion with human life has taken precedence. As Boyfriend plays in his own little world, while i cry on the bed, the though of study is beyond me. Sadness should be enough of a reason to beg for an extension, but it isn't. Oh well, can the added misery of study really be unexpected in a world where the best that you can hope for is a fantasy, and you must bring yourself to settle for mediocrity?  


RosalieGrace said...

this is why i don't watch tv...actually, i don't watch tv coz i can't be bothered watching ads, but I really do prefer watching things like old seasons of buffy, coz i know she's not gonna die. Well, she won't stay dead anyway :P
I gave up on greys anatomy when I found out Izzy was leaving.

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